Friday, October 12, 2007

When E. coli, Salmonella or E. sakazakii is on the menu

Food producers are always vigilant to prevent pathogens from contaminating the products that you and I consume. But lately it seems that there have been some high profile recalls of foods that were tainted by harmful microorganisms. What does this have to do with airborne infection? The link is UVGI.
The mechanics of VIGILAIR® reducing contamination in hospitals can be applied to the food production industry. UVGI can inactivate pathogens such as:

VIGILAIR® technology can help keep food production clean by:
  • inactivating microorganisms in the air used in food production
  • inactivating microorganisms on the surfaces of food products
  • inactivating microorganisms on the surfaces of packaging
Our technology is proving effective in keeping food safe and is used in production facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico and Asia. For more information on how VIGILAIR® is used in the food production industry, click here.
A concise primer to the role of UVGI in food production can be found here.

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