Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bird Flu goes Hollywood

ABC is airing a 2 hour made for TV movie dramatizing the outbreak of a deadly pandemic flu. “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America” is certain to start people talking about the pandemic problem, but some health experts are concerned the drama may inaccurately portray the real situation.
In a breaking of precedence, the US Federal Government is prepared for a flood of potential inquiries from Americans who watch the movie. Health and Human Services has issued ‘talking points’ for staff who may encounter bird flu related questions.
While some health care experts are panning the pandemic thriller for hype, tv critics seem to agree it is good television.
The Hollywood report recommends the movie!
Hopefully the movie will cause conversations about the bird flu, and maybe, just maybe it will lead to better understanding of infectious disease. For that reason alone, I would give the effort two thumbs up!

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