Tuesday, May 16, 2006

DHS Designates our Biodefense Technology

With as much emotion as engineers and researchers can muster, everyone at our firm celebrated an important achievement last Friday.

We received DHS SAFETY Act Designation!

In order to understand why this was so important to us, you’ll probably need to know what the SAFETY Act is. In 2002 the US Congress passed the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act. The law aimed to help bring anti-terrorism technology to the market place. Law makers were concerned that issues surrounding liability would prevent much needed security technology from being developed and deployed.

The SAFETY Act set predetermined liability limits for the manufacturers and users of Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies (QATT) for claims arising out of a terror attack. The SAFETY Act effectively removes many of the barriers facing new defense technologies. As those barriers decrease, adoption of critical infrastructure protection technology increases.

Why are we so happy?
The Designation recognizes all of the exhaustive efforts of our staff. DHS requires comprehensive data during the application process. Once compiled, the application is scrutinized by a group of technical experts empanelled by the DHS.

Our team spent more than 300 man hours in the compiling, writing and submission of the application. The months of hard work paid-off on Friday when we read the words in the letter from DHS Under Secretary Jeffrey Runge:
“I hereby designate the Technology as a Qualified Anti-terrorism Technology and issue a Designation…for the technology.”
We are in good company. Other enterprises that have successfully earned Designation include Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, Northrup-Grumman and IBM. We’re not as large as those companies…at least not yet!

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